Angel of Pain

from by Dreams In Hell

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    2013 Dark Ceremony "Goth's not dead... sike."

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...memory like a shadow cast by flickering silver candlesticks
happy birthday from your broken yet adoring Peter Pan
up all night looming anxious as that image unfolds
of my mysterious giggling teenage succubus with stenciled clothing
the warm tight grip on each of those otherwise frozen empty nights
and the scent I clung to achingly every night in between
the schemes, the bad jokes, the cold uphill walks
you are the sanctuary of green light
you are the laying within it counting each bat on the wall
you are the burning hate and disgust I am begging mad and helpless until
each time it crumbles away leaving only this hopeless love and desire
unbreakable, invincible...
(my Lolita and my friend)
entranced and obsessed and unbreakable...
(sacrifice in hell)

past the smoke and mirrors of every unwanted tomorrow
my innocent muse
my tough as nails living dead pornographer
wild oblivion that hung over the edges of my imagination

sacred archetype made flesh
my lovebite that must never heal (I made certain it will not)
reason to celebrate against the depression of dreams made trash
my reason not to be dull and pray there will always be more in me
more romantic ways to make you scream as I'm crawling further into the pit
more hours buried in bed and waves of vicious energy to spend
on hair to pull and skin to strike and awful embraces to lick
because if it is of you then it is what I want

my own teenage fantasy
my wrenchingly impossible dream
I hold my breath for one more minute, hour, day, month
my innocent muse!
my tough as nails living dead pornographer
wild oblivion! that hung over the edges of my imagination when I was a kid
I love you like a childhood fantasy of deviant lust
I love you YES if it turns out you're a disease
because through enduring you I can be made stronger...
PAIN... angel of pain... angel of pain... angel of pain!

it's a movie you can't see on TV
a leather whip in your mouth
it's a tarantula's web around your favorite LP
it's another bottle of cheap wine in a field of fireflies
it's a threatening phone call and a bag of ice - another late night ride
many more long walks home in the dark
a date at midnight in Spring Grove Cemetery
sobering now I want to feel it when I hold you
hope that you remember all the things that I told you - PAIN
angel of pain, my angel of pain I know these are just words
but they aren't for anybody else and they're the best I got
for my angel of pain, angel of pain
happy birthday wherever you may be


from Oblivion LP, released September 19, 2013
written/recorded 2012-2013 in Cincylvania
for Dark Ceremony DIY goth sub-label of
Realicide Youth Records (CIDE#77)
Robert Inhuman: vox, keyz, all wordz, artwerk
Jeromeo (Jerry Westerkamp): bass, backing vox
Dark Ness (Dustin Bingaman): guitar
Duke Paranormal (Luke Stegall): drumz
additional backing vox by Ving Creature
produced DIY by the above Nosferadudes
mastered by Mavis Concave




Dreams In Hell Cincinnati, Ohio

Cincylvanian DIY goth punx, damned to a trifling mortal coil since 2012, featuring Robert Inhuman (of Realicide, Decide Today), Jeromeo (of Vacation, Tweens), Dark Ness (of White Walls, Abduction), Duke Paranormal (of Siblings, Googly Eyes) CONTACT ... more

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